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Areas of Expertise

Family Resource Management/Finances & Jobs Issue Team


Health and Wellness/Health Issue Team

Family & Child Resilience Issue Team (Co-Parenting for Resilience)

About Me

For 29 years, I have enjoyed helping to make a difference in the lives of Payne County citizens and all people across the state of Oklahoma. I enjoy working with people to help them improve the quality of their lives, whether it be by improving their health and well-being or learning to make wise, informed decisions about all aspects of their finances.


I enjoy working with Oklahoma Home and Community Education (OHCE) members in Payne County to help them become more confident leaders and increase their knowledge. I enjoy working with Payne County 4-H members, families and volunteers to help the 4-H members become capable, independent, self-reliant young people who have developed their leadership, public speaking and other life skills through their participation in the 4-H program. Ultimately, through 4-H, members develop valuable life skills that they will use every single day of their adult lives.


I hold Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in consumer studies from Oklahoma State University.



  • Nutrition and Health Classes
  • Individual and Family Resource Management
  • Co-Parenting for Resilience
  • 4-H




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