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For over 100 years the Ottawa County Fair has been a special event in Ottawa County. Starting in September of 1916, the fair has been a time honored tradition that has been passed down from Fairboard to Fairboard.


The 2023 county fair dates: August 5-12, 2023


Fair Forms and Information

  • Livestock Tag In

    To be eligible to show at the County Fair and Tulsa State Fair all beef, goats, sheep and swine need to be tagged in. 


    Pre-entry will open June 1st and be open through the 15th. 

    Pre-entry link


    2023 County Tag In:

    • Friday June 16 @ 5pm-9pm
    • Saturday June 17 @ 7am-9am


    Tulsa Sate Fair Nomination Kits will be available starting June 1st. 

    Nomination link

    • All nominations must be ordered and paid for online.
    • Nominations must be ordered by June 22nd to be shipped, otherwise they must be picked up in Tulsa.
    • Nominations are due July 1st, 2023.
  • How to Create a Fair Entry Account
    1. Visit the 2023 Ottawa County Free Fair Registration Website to create a fair account. If you are a returning Exhibitor (if you entered in previous fairs since 2019) you will skip steps 2-4.
    2. Create a Fair Entry account. (IF YOU DID NOT EXHIBIT IN PREVIOUS FAIRS SINCE 2019, YOU MUST click on Create a Fair Entry account.)
    3. Enter your email twice (this will be your log in)
    4. Follow the steps on screen to create your profile, if entering more than 1 person, this will be your family or club profile. Enter a phone # and create your password. Hit Create Account.
    5. Begin Registration: follow the prompts to complete the process
    6. Continue to Invoice or Register another Exhibitor (under the same email)

    After entering your entries, it will ask to submit the invoice, you must accept the terms and do this step to be pre-entered.


    It is important to remember your log in and password as this the way the system creates your Exhibitor Number. If you create more than one account, it will give you more than one Exhibitor Number. Your exhibitor number will change every year.


    If you submit an invoice, your entries must be approved by office staff before you can submit more entries or another invoice. Exhibitors can submit several invoices, but they must be approved by staff before you can submit another invoice.


    We will print off your entry tags for you at the Extension office. If indoor entries are pre-registered by August 4th tags will be ready for early pick up. Otherwise tags will be ready at check-in at fair.

  • Deadlines For Entering In Fair Entry

    Fair Entry will be open for creating an account and pre-entering June 1st.  Deadlines for each area are below.

    • All Market, Breeding, & Dairy Animal Open June 1- June 15 @ 5:00 PM
    • Poultry & Rabbit August 1 by 5:00 PM
    • Dog Show & Tractor Driving Contest August 1 by 5:00 pm
    • Horse Show August 1 by 5:00 pm
    • Indoor Exhibit Entries August 4 by 5:00 pm

    Pre-entry link

    If you need any assistance, please come by or call the Ottawa County Extension Office- (918) 542-1688

  • Outdoor & Indoor Booth Vendor Information

    Applications for vendor spaces will be mailed in March. If you are a vendor on the waiting list you will receive a letter in April. Please call our office before sending in applications to make sure space is available.


    The 2023 Vendor Application is now available!


    We have 3 applications:

    • Outdoor Vendor Space: Food - $500 Non-Food - $200
    • Special Event Space: Food/Drink - $100/night Non-Food - $50/night
    • Indoor Vendor Space: $100

    For prices and more information call the Ottawa County Office (918) 542-1688


    Maps will be posted at the Exhibition building to show vendors where to set up.

  • Buddy Show

    The Buddy Show is an opportunity for youth with disabilities/special needs to show at the county fair. Participants are paired with a 4-H or FFA member who assist with showing and leading the animal. Fill out the corresponding form in order to show/assist in this year's show and receive a t-shirt. Forms must be filled out by Wednesday, July 12!


    Exhibitor/participant form 

    Assistant form


    Miami FFA is hosting this year's show and the chapter officers will be pairing exhibitors with assistants at the show.

  • Pedal Tractor Pull

    The Pedal Tractor Pull is a new event this year being hosted by the Ottawa County Farm Bureau. The age limit is 12 years and weight range is 30-120 pounds. Please see the fair book for more information about this contest!


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