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Tammy Perry

Tammy Perry professional photo
Northeast District

Multi-County Health Disparities Specialist

3007 Azalea Park Dr.Muskogee, OK 686-7800

About Me

Through education and other proven environmental change efforts, my personal mission is to help citizens live healthier and happier lives by consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables, and encouraging more physical activity in their daily routines. Overall, I am committed to working to change the health culture so that nutrition and physical activity are a priority!


I work with food pantries to promote healthier options for recipients and encourage them to change or enact policies so food purchased from the food bank is more nutrient dense. I link farmers to food pantries, and encourage schools to take part in Farm to School, a national and state supported program that promotes school gardens, procurement and education in the schools. I also work with community partners to accomplish common goals to increase intake of more fruits and vegetables and improve or establish safer routes to school by walking or biking, and am actively working with community partners to increase access to food and offer more ways in which the community can be physically active whether using trails, bikeways or sidewalks.


I am an educator because I believe in using research-based knowledge through OSU Extension to reduce obesity rates. I want to see people feel better and feel healthier, help them be able to play with their kids again, make better choices, tell their friends, “Hey, I have been eating better and exercising and I feel great, you should do it!” I want them to go to the doctor and celebrate that their weight is down and their labs are great and that they can get off that blood pressure or diabetic medication. Everyone can do it. Make small steps. Over time they will add up to big results! 



  • Cooking Matters
  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Food Preservation
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