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Areas of Expertise

Forage Production

Soil Fertility

Livestock: Forage Relationships

Grazing Systems: rotational, strip, mob, limit, creep

Year-round grazing

Plant ID

Weed Control

Brush Control

Prescribed Fire Range Management

Mortality Composting

Poultry Litter Utilization

Wildlife Food Plots

Livestock Fencing

Crop Production

About Me

I grew up in an Extension family and became an Extension educator because I saw the positive impact my parents had on people’s lives. I have always had a passion for helping others achieve their agricultural dreams, and I try to use my education and knowledge in different areas of production ag to assist clients with best management decisions. 


I believe in promoting the use of year-round grazing systems, which uses my knowledge of livestock production enterprises, ruminant nutrition and forage production. Since feeding the cow is the largest variable cost of owning that cow through the year, even small improvements in making the animal do the work by grazing her own forage can make large impacts on net returns to the operation.

My mission is simply to discover and combine the latest research based information from OSU researchers, outside universities and my own research into methods that anyone can implement.  These methods are aimed at decreasing input costs, increasing efficiency in the production system and increasing market value of products, both plant- and animal-based.


I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science, with minors in agronomy and ag systems technology management. I also hold a Master of Science degree in crop, soil and environmental science.


Programs & Articles

  • Master Cattleman Program forage and hay chapters
  • Cow/Calf Boot Camp agronomy topics
  • Meat Goat Boot Camp agronomy topics
  • OSU Research Station year-round grazing demonstrations and Field Days
  • Forage College
  • Timely Topics


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