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About Me

My mission is to help as many people as I can, not only in Muskogee County but also the world. I hope to influence others to spread kindness and joy through words, gestures or deeds. I’m focused on helping make the world a better place and encouraging people to make better choices for their quality of life. I hold an associate degree in general education, and my expertise is in food nutrition education, specifically food choices, food preparation, food resource management and food safety.


I mostly work with adults and sometimes with at-risk youth, ages 13-18 while teaching for the Community Nutrition Education Program (CNEP) Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Education Program (SNAP ED). I also meet with seniors and those who are incarcerated. My curriculum is based on the USDA MyPlate model, and I encourage my clients to incorporate routine physical activity into their lives. I enjoy helping someone find a way to make positive changes in their life. We’ve had success stories of people losing weight and improving their health. We hope to encourage our community to live their best lives and remain Oklahoma strong.



  • MyPlate
  • SNAP-Ed
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