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Rule I. Entry Requirements

Section 1. No unworthy exhibit will be accepted for exhibit.


Section 2. All property entered at the fair for any purpose shall be subject to control of the secretary or superintendent in charge.


Section 3. All youth entries will be entered in either the Children class (ages 0-8), Youth class (ages 9-18) or 4-H members may exhibit projects in the 4-H Division. Adults (19 and over) will 


Section 4. Separate exhibits must be provided for each entry and the division (open or 4-H) will be the preference of the exhibitor.


Section 5. The owner of an exhibit must be a resident of Marshall County or attend a Mar- shall County School. All exhibits will be made in the name of the owner and must not have been


Section 6. The Marshall County Fair Board will abide by the current ruling of the Oklahoma Secondary Schools and Activities Association regarding the “No Pass, No Play” Ruling.


Section 7. Entry - Each exhibitor will be given an exhibitor number for all entries. Exhibitor should provide name and address, age division and number of entries at time of entry to receive entry number.


Section 8. NO late entries will be accepted!



Rule II. Exhibitors, Duties and Privileges

Section 1. Exhibits of livestock from Marshall County must be owned and under personal care of the exhibitor.


Section 2. The Superintendent of the livestock department will assign stall or spaces and exhibitors shall keep such stalls clean at all times during the Fair.


Section 3. Any member of the Fair Association shall have access to all premises on the fair grounds or concessions at any time during the fair.


Section 4. If it is ascertained that any exhibitor has made or caused to be made any false statement in regard to any exhibit or if any exhibitor shall attempt to interfere with the judges in the performance of their duties, they shall be excluded from all competition or exhibition on those grounds and any awards that he or she may have received may be forfeited at the direction of the board.


Section 5. All swine exhibited must have a negative pseudo-rabies test before unloading and entering the fair barn.


Section 6. The decision of the judges shall be final, and no appeal will be considered!


Section 7. No force feeding or watering of animals will be permitted.


Section 8. All animals are to be under the control of the exhibitor or they will be excused from the Marshall County Fair.


Section 9. No hay or straw in the Barns, shavings only for bedding.


Section 10. All livestock, sheep, swine, goat and cattle pens including rabbits and poultry must be clean free from shaving and debris, inspected by a Fair Board member before an exhibitor may receive their County Fair Premium Check.


Section 11. Indoor exhibitors may enter no more than two exhibits per class. 


Section 12. At the discretion of the superintendent a new group may be formed if there are three or more entries comprising sufficient interest.


Section 13. ALL livestock and poultry must be fed and watered daily by exhibitors.



Rule III. Powers & Liabilities of the Association

Section 1. The management will use every precaution to guard against extortion in any form on the fairgrounds and any violation of this rule shall result in forfeiture of every privilege, contract, or money paid in and expulsion from the grounds.


Section 2. The management reserves the right to remove from the grounds any exhibit, animal, concession or show that may be falsely entered or may be deemed unsuitable or objectionable.


Section 3. No diseased animal or fowl will be permitted to be exhibited or occupy space at the Fair and every precaution will be taken to enforce this rule; however, the management will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may be sustained by anyone through violation of this rule.


Section 4. No claim for any injury to any person or property shall be asserted or suit instituted or maintained against the Free Fair Association, its officers or agents, representatives, servants or employees on behalf of any person, corporation or firm as a result of damages sustained on the fairgrounds of this fair.


Section 5. Exhibitors are responsible for the daily care of the animals they enter. Animals that are not properly cared for will be turned over to animal control. All animals are released after the livestock show.



Rule IV. Premiums & Awards

This award is given to the 4-H member with the most 4-H entries in the Marshall County Fair, including livestock. The entries are totaled by the Fair Board Secretary and the award given to the member with the most entries in the 4-H division. The award is provided by the Marshall County Fair Board.


Section 2. An Award will be presented to the active FFA member for the most exhibits in the Marshall County Free Fair. Presentation will be made at the FFA Banquet.


Section 3. Ribbons will be awarded for each class, 1st - 10th for youth, 1st - 3rd for adults. Best of Show will be awarded for each department and receive a certificate. Premiums will be paid per class, 1st- $3, 2nd- $2, 3rd- $1. This applies to all indoor, rabbit and poultry exhibits.


Section 4. All exhibits, both indoor and outdoor, must be blue ribbon quality to receive a blue ribbon. The standards of judging are Blue - exceeds standards; Red - meets standards; and White - needs improvement to meet standards.


Section 5. Premium - At check out time each exhibitor will present entry number. Items will be brought to exhibitor at check out desk. A certificate with premium award will be given. (The exhibitor will present to BancFirst a certificate to redeem for cash by Sept. 28, 2019. After Sept. 28, 2019, certificates will be voided.)

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