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Areas of Expertise

Youth Leadership and Project Development


Crop Management

Tractors and Machinery Safety

ATV Safety

About Me

My mission is to change the world we live in, making it a better place for all, one person at a time.  I began working with OSU Extension because I had a passion to work with youth and adults in education. Initially, I planned to start at the county level and then attempt to move into a district economist position. My plans changed after working in the county, because I developed a sincere desire to make a difference in people’s lives in my local community.  As my son Jacob (former state 4-H president and state Hall of Fame recipient 2016) put it so eloquently, ‘changed people change people.’


My life was forever changed by my 4-H career. Having the opportunity to make a betterment in a person’s well-being, adding to their life skills and aiding them in becoming the next generation of leaders has become my personal mission over the course of my career. I hold bachelor of science and master of science degrees in agricultural economics from Oklahoma State University.



  • 4-H
  • Tractor and Machinery Operations contests
  • ATV Safety
  • ATV Rider
  • ATV Skills
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