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The goal of Family and Consumer Sciences is to help Oklahoma's families, youth, and individuals develop and grow in safe and healthy ways. This is approached through research-based education that focuses on building upon our understanding of the different aspects of their lives and how they affect others. We survey the population in Oklahoma in each county through issue scanning and our local program advisory committees (PACs) to learn about their needs and how we can help provide education that helps people improve society and the economy.  


Oklahoma Home and Community Education is committed to educating Oklahomans about family and consumer issues, providing community service, and bringing friends together.  With more than 5,000 members, OHCE has a strong history of promoting family values and shaping the community.  OHCE members are adults of all ages who are interested in continuing their education on issues affecting family and developing life skills.


OCES County educators in Family and Consumer Sciences work closely with local OHCE groups to bring the latest research-based information from Oklahoma State University to each community.  OHCE county, district, and state officers maintain a strong educational partnership with OCES-FCS county educators and district and state specialists.


At local monthly meetings club activities are discussed and a lesson is presented by an OHCE volunteer.  The lessons often come from educational information provided by OCES-FCS.  Lesson topics cover areas such as cultural enrichment, health, nutrition, parenting, and financial management.


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