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Master Cattleman

The OSU Master Cattleman program is a comprehensive educational curriculum designed to enhance participants' proficiency in production and business management.

The program costs $75 and is offered to Oklahoma beef producers.  The fee is to cover the costs of the course materials.  Participants receive an Oklahoma Beef Cattle Manual, instructional material, a producer certificate, Master Cattleman farm gate sign, and a notebook with the Master Cattleman logo.


The objective of the Master Cattleman program is to enhance the profitability of beef operations and the quality of life of beef cattle producers.  Producers equipped with vital information on all aspects of beef production, business planning, risk management, and marketing can build and maintain sustainable businesses.


Certification requires successful completion of 28 hours of Master Cattleman credit.  The core curriculum consists of four hours from each of the following disciplines:

  1. Nutrition and Management
  2. Quality Assurance and Animal Health
  3. Reproduction (cow-calf producers)
  4. Natural Resources
  5. Business Planning and Management
  6. Marketing and Risk Management
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