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Family and Consumer Science programs provide information for families in areas such as food, nutrition, health, money management, parenting, micro/home based business, leadership development, and consumer buying.


Sound family values are very much central to the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. As such, we are pleased to provide useful links on a wide-range of topics, including parenting, child development, nutrition, food safety, and money management.


Today's modern world is often complex, and it can be seen that Oklahomans are facing the same challenges as other families around the nation. Problems include low per capita income, an increasing bankruptcy rate, an aging population, poor nutrition, a high rate of teenage pregnancies and child abuse and neglect.


As such, the Extension Service is working with a focus of improving the quality of life for all Oklahomans. Through education and support, it is hoped that people can avoid, or come through such problems.


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