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At the time of the 2002 Census on Agriculture, Harper County, Oklahoma had 517 farms containing 601,162 acres of land. Of those 517 farms, 335 were the primary occupation of the farmer. The average farm consisted of 1163 acres. In 2002, agricultural production generated over $142 million in revenue for Harper County making it a mainstay of the Harper County economy.


As of 2002, cattle was a significant revenue producer for Harper County agriculture. Over 84,000 head of cattle were on inventory and livestock sales accounted for $138 million. Figures for swine were not disclosed in the census, but remain central to Harper County's agricultural economy.


Crop sales accounted for $3 million of revenue, with the majority of this coming from wheat production. Indeed, wheat for grain production was found on over 22,000 acres of land, while forage (land used for all hay and haylage, grass silage, and greenchop) could be found on over 17,000 acres of Harper County land.


The Harper County OSU Extension Staff are committed to providing timely and relevant programs and information to agriculture producers and the agri-businesses that serve their production needs in Harper County. This is accomplished by providing the most current research based information to producers in a format that can be adapted to their production systems. Along with local staff, area and state specialists are available to assist in the research and presentation of information to producers.


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