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Greer County 4-H is a youth program where kids learn by doing. Hands on project work in Fabrics & Fashion, Nutrition, Canning, Robotics, Shooting Sports, Gardening and Livestock (to name a few) are taught in a small group setting which is also supported in the home. Competition allows for constructive coaching, gives youth an incentive to grow and receive year end awards.



What is 4-H?

The 4-H Youth Development Program provides Oklahoma youth, families and communities with educational programs that create environments for diverse audiences of youth and adults to reach their fullest potential. 4-H focuses on developing youth as individuals and responsible, productive citizens by involving youth in community-based clubs, school enrichment programs and both group and individual projects to develop the individuals four "H's" - HEAD, HEART, HANDS, HEALTH.


More Than $398 Million Awarded in Grants Since 1990

The NRA Foundation provides financial support to eligible projects, programs and organizations through its Grant Program. Each year, volunteer committees from across the country tirelessly raise charitable dollars and generous donors make gifts that are in turn awarded as grants in support of educational and public service programs relating to the shooting sports in our communities.


Shooting Sports Enrollment Form


Other 4-H Events and Activities

  • 4-H Achievement Banquet
  • Food Fair Contest
  • Impressive Dress Contest
  • Communication Contest
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