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Areas of Expertise


Meat goats




Pond health


About Me

It is my mission to help anyone who wants to learn more, or who is having an issue. I could not decide which avenue of agriculture to specialize in because I like all of it. All of the different areas of agriculture work together to make the whole system work. From the soil, to the grass, to the animal, and back out into the soil, it’s a beautiful system and I want to help others understand it. 


I earned an associate of science degree from Eastern Oklahoma State College in 2007 and bachelor’s degree in agricultural education from Oklahoma State University in 2009.



  • Master Gardeners
  • Annie’s Project
  • Master Cattlemen
  • Pond Workshops
  • Gardening and Horticulture Workshops
  • Forage Workshops
  • Agricultural Workshops
  • Agricultural Demo Plots
  • Producer farm visits and recommendations specific to those farms
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