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Reminder ! Membership Needs to be Renewed Yearly! 

Being a bona fide member also makes you eligible for all of the activities, programs, and trips, and livestock shows 4-H has to offer.  If you have not recently re-enrolled using please contact your local club leader or Sharon in the Extension Office. Enrollment Begins for the new year August 1st.


4-H is a great way to:

Meet new friends, have opportunities to develop public speaking skills, shared experiences, and participation in cooperative learning through local meetings, educational tours, recreational activities, fairs, shows, and camps. 

  • Training in citizenship, leadership, and character development.
  •  Pride of ownership, and pride in workmanship.
  •  Leadership opportunities through local meetings, county activities, district and state conferences.
  • Career exploration and life skills development through projects.
  • Recognition for work accomplished-county medals, cash awards, trips and college scholarships.


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