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The Coal County Program Advisory Committee for Family and Consumer Sciences identified three areas they feel most dominantly affect the residents of Coal County.  These three “Issue Teams” are Hunger, Risky Behaviors, and Jobs and Employment.


  • The Hunger Issue Team is dedicated to working towards reducing the number of Oklahomans experiencing hunger.
  • The Risky Behavior Issue Team is dedicated to working towards reducing the number of children and youth engaging in high-risk behaviors which lead to negative outcomes.
  • The Jobs and Employment Issue Team is dedicated to working towards Oklahomans increasing personal and community life readiness for employment and economic opportunities

If you have questions related to a specific program or to request a specific program please contact Family and Consumer Science Educator, Kelsey Ratcliff.


The Coal County OCES also offers other Family and Consumer Science programming outside of these Issue Teams.  Please contact Kelsey Ratcliff for inquiries about such programs.


Co-Parenting for Resilience

The Co-Parenting for Resilience program or programs like it are now court-mandated for all parents of minor children in the State of Oklahoma divorcing for reasons of incompatibility. Co-Parenting classes are held in Coal County monthly. The fee is $30. If you plan to attend a Co-Parenting class please reserve four hours to complete the class. For more information please call (580) 927-2262, see the links below, and/or email Kelsey Ratcliff.


  • Registration form - Coal County
    This document is required to register for the Co-Parenting program. Please print, fill out, and bring by our office no later than three days before the class of your choice. Please Note: A survey is also required to complete registration. For a copy of this survey, please email Kelsey Ratcliff and ask for a copy of the "Time 1 Co-Parenting Survey."
  • Registration and Survey Information
    Please read this prior to filling out the survey.
  • Online Survey Link
    For those who prefer to take the time 1 survey online, this is the link. After taking the survey you will be prompted to print a confirmation page. This page is required for class registration.




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