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The Cleveland County Cooperative Extension Service is dedicated to bringing you the latest research-based information for your lawn and garden.


For answers to any of your horticulture questions, call one of our on-duty Master Gardener volunteers Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:00 p.m. at (405) 321-4774.


Search the OSU Fact Sheet library for in depth information concerning growing and gardening.


Soil and Water Testing

A routine soil test can prevent a "shot in the dark" concerning fertilizer applications and pH.  General soil tests consist of 15-20 core samples per location, each core going 6-8" deep, minus any debris (ex: turf from the soil surface, rocks, or mulch).  The cores should then be combined and mixed to get a good representative sample of your specific location.  One quart of soil is an adequate amount to submit for analysis. Soil probes, to assist in the sampling process, are available for checkout from the extension office.  Routine soil samples are $10 per sample (cash or check) and can be dropped off at the Cleveland County Extension Office, 601 E Robinson, Norman, Oklahoma. 


We can also test soil salinity, manures, compost, hay, and forage.  For more information see the price list or contact our office at (405) 321-4774.



The New Hort Thymes

The Cleveland County Horticulture program publishes a monthly newsletter to bring up to date information to homeowners and plant enthusiasts. sign up for our monthly newsletter!

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