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Join us September 7th -9th, 2023 for the Beckham County Free Fair in Sayre, Oklahoma to enjoy exhibits, special contests and other activities. 

2023 Beckham Fair Book


Livestock Show Information 


Show Rules & Regulations 

  1. The Show is open to 4-H and FFA members attending Public, Private, or Home School in Beckham County.
  2. Beckham County Fair Board will follow participant age requirements as laid out by state rules. 4-Hers Can be 8 yrs. old and in 3rd grade by Sept 1st or age 9 yrs. old by Jan 1st. of current 4-H calendar year and cannot be more than 19 years old.
  3. The Show will comply with state catalog rules, unless otherwise stated.
  4. One exhibitor may show 4 steers (2 market and 2 prospect), 2 beef heifers, 3 market lambs, 2 ewe lambs, 3 barrows, 3 gilts, 3 meat goats and 3 does and they do not have to be the same breed.
  5. All steers, market lambs & barrows & commercial females must be weighed on Sunday at check-in time. The same animal and/or exhibitor cannot cross county lines to participate in more than one county stock show.
  6. For animals to be eligible for the premium sale, they must meet the following ownership requirements: Steers – 120 days, Barrow & Market Lambs – 90 days.
  7. Registration papers for heifers, gilts and ewe lambs entered in the breeding classes will be checked during the time of weighing market animals. Papers aren’t required for barrows. Weight restrictions for Commercial gilts will remain as is.
  8. To compete in purebred classes, females must have registration papers recorded in the name of the exhibitor for at least 60 days prior to show.
  9. Two entry cards must be completed on each animal.
  10. Commercial Females will be allowed to make the Premium Auction, effective 2004 Spring Livestock Show.
  12. No hair coloring will be allowed in grooming any animal exhibited.
  13. Any Heifer that makes the Premium Sale is eligible for a second Premium Sale the following year.
  14. Ewes cannot be shown as Market Lambs.
  15. The sheep will be released after completion of sheep show.
  16. Both cattle and hogs will be released after selection of sale order.
  17. No animal selected for Auction maybe removed from the barn during the Premium Auction. All loadouts must wait for the Auction to end. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS.
  18. There will be no premiums handed out the night of auction.
  19. Protests: You must put up a $50 deposit before your protest will be heard. After the hearing, if the protestor’s case is won, the $50 is returned, otherwise it will be forfeited.
  20. The Show management not responsible for accidents


Premium Auction Rules 

  1. The sale order will be determined by the judge following the selection of swine and cattle champions on Monday and sheep and goat champions on Tuesday.
  2. The judge will pick the best of:
    10 Heifers, 6 Steers, 15 Gilts, 33 Barrows, 14 Wethers, 10 Ewe Lambs, 10 Does and 6 Wether Goats, 1 Pen of Broilers & 1 Best of Show to parade for premiums. The judge will pick alternates for each of the market & breeding stock species as needed.
  3. An exhibitor may parade only 1 animal for premium.
    24.After each premium animal is sold, anyone may add a bonus to the animal in any amount desired at any time.
  4. No animal is allowed to leave the barns BEFORE the last animal exits the ring at the conclusion of the premium auction.
  5. Champion of the breed in market classes will be in the sale, unless the breed champion steer weighs less than 900 pounds.
  6. Sale order will be Grand Champions and Reserve Grand Champions first, then alternating animals will sell as follows:  1 Heifer, 1 Steer, 1 Ewe, 1 Wether , 2 Gilt, 4 Barrows, 1 Doe, 1 Wether, Goat, 1 Pen of Broilers & 1 Best of Show.
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