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Welcome to the Alfalfa County 4-H Program and all the exciting challenges that lie ahead! 4-H is a family organization that offers any youth (8-19 years of age) an opportunity for year-round involvement. Volunteer adult leaders help members:

  • Select projects
  • Hold meetings & elect officers
  • Make exhibits; win ribbons and awards
  • Learn public speaking
  • Participate in events (camp, contests and workshops)
  • Keep project records
  • Have fun and meet new friends
  • Develop into productive citizens

The 4-H mission is to help young people become motivated, productive and contributing members of society as they "learn by doing."  Dedicated adult volunteers contribute their time, talents and resources to maintain and expand the 4-H program.


As a 4-H family, you can join the ranks of 4-H volunteers to help all children in our communities to "make the best better."  Please take time to read and understand the 4-H Handbook as it can explain a great deal about the 4-H program.  We look forward to working with  you and your family!



Upcoming Events

  • 4-H Mission
    The mission of the 4-H Youth Development Program is to provide Oklahoma youth, families, and communities with educational programs which will create environments for diverse audiences of youth and adults to reach their fullest potential by developing and enhancing skills for living.
  • 4-H Pledge

    I pledge...

    my head to clearer thinking,

    my heart to greater loyalty,

    my hands to larger service, and

    my health to better living for

    my club, my community,

    my country, and my world.

  • 4-H Motto

    "to Make the Best Better"

  • Local 4-H Clubs

    We have 4 clubs in Alfalfa County and I think you will find that we have a club that will meet the needs of your family. 4-H offers many opportunities for youth and families to learn new things, make new friends, participated in leadership roles and community service, besides just having fun. Our programs encourage family involvement through club participation, taking the leadership for a club educational program or providing snacks. We also have 2 Cloverbud Clubs and numerous project clubs to fit your special interests.


    Club Leaders & 4-H Officer Team

  • 4-H Volunteers

    Prospective volunteers must fill make a profile on and complete a background check issued by Alfalfa County 4-H.
    Information is then requested from three references provided by the potential volunteer (preferably one personal character, one work-related, and one family member).
    For volunteers who intend to drive youth as part of their role, verification of a valid driver's license and proof of auto liability insurance must be provided annually. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age.
    Prospective volunteers will be informed on the decision of their application.


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