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a pile of rubble in front of a house damaged by a tornado
Every family and household should discuss an emergency preparedness plan. When disaster strikes, OSU Extension educators are ready to assist with recovery. (Photo by OSU Agriculture)

Prepare today for tomorrow’s emergency

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Media Contact: Gail Ellis | Editorial Communications Coordinator | 405-744-9152 |

In any kind of unpredictable weather, Oklahoma State University Extension is a helpful resource for storm preparedness.

SUNUP TV, the agriculture television show of OSU Extension, featured OSU Extension housing and consumer specialist Gina Peek in a segment this month on readying the family for an active storm season.

Peek recommends these steps:

  • Have a family plan. Share contact information, and make sure family members know where you plan to take cover during an emergency. Identify safe places in the home in case you do need to shelter in place during a storm event.
  • Create an emergency kit. A kit should include three days’ worth of food and water that can be easily transported. Gather documents that are crucial to you, and think about what things are irreplaceable or difficult to replace, such as property deeds, birth certificates and marriage licenses.
  • Consult with an OSU Extension county educator. Confused on what to include in an emergency kit beyond food and water? Ask a local Extension educator for help identifying specific needs. Medications or other health equipment should be considered.
  • Tune into local news for the latest. In the event of a storm or wildfire, stay aware and evacuate your property if you’re at risk.

“Having that three-day kit is absolutely essential,” Peek said. “Grab your kit and go, and let the professionals deal with the fire on the property.”

OSU Extension offers additional storm preparedness and disaster recovery resources online. The OSU Extension Disaster Area Response Team is also ready to deploy to assist residents across the state.

Peek said thinking ahead and knowing what to pack in advance of a stressful situation provides comfort and can set residents’ minds at ease.

“Family preparedness is important no matter what day of the year it is,” she said. “We don’t want people to feel scared. We want them to realize they do have some control, and there are very simple things you can do to help you and your family feel better.”

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