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Winterizing Equipment, Fireplaces vs. Wood Stoves & Wheat Management

Saturday, November 18, 2023

This week on SUNUP:

  • Brian Arnall, OSU Extension soil nutrient specialist, offers advice on fertilizer management decisions for the wheat crop.
  • Wes Lee, OSU Extension Mesonet agricultural coordinator, says light rain could be on the way for Thanksgiving week. State climatologist Gary McManus shows us why that predicted rainfall is needed.
  • John Long, OSU Extension agriculture machinery specialist, gives tips on how to properly store farm equipment for the winter.
  • Scott Frazier, OSU Extension energy management specialist, has pros and cons for the never-ending debate of fireplaces vs. wood stoves.
  • Kim Anderson, OSU Extension grain marketing specialist, says now is a great time for producers to reflect on the past growing season and look ahead to their 2024 crops.
  • Darren Scott, OSU food scientist, explains the history of wassail.
  • Finally, SUNUP learns what makes Jon Newell a 2023 OSU Agriculture Champion.


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