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Retreating Drought, Animal Disease Traceability Updates & How Much Does a Cow Eat?

Saturday, May 18, 2024

This week on SUNUP:

  • Rosslyn Biggs, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, discusses updates to the USDA’s Animal Disease Traceability program.
  • Wes Lee, OSU Extension Mesonet agricultural coordinator, discusses how the recent rains impacted soil moisture levels. State climatologist Gary McManus shows viewers how much rain fell the past month.
  • Dave Lalman, OSU Extension beef cattle specialist, has information on OSU research that can assist with determining exactly how much a beef cow will eat.
  • Kim Anderson, OSU Extension grain marketing specialist, says wheat producers should strongly consider staggering their wheat in the market when selling.
  • Mark Johnson, OSU Extension beef cattle breeding specialist, discusses economically relevant traits in cattle herds.
  • Finally, Alex Rocateli, OSU Extension forage systems specialist, has management tips for sandburs, a common summer nuisance plant.


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