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Livestock Nutrition & Care After Wildfires, Disaster Programs & Replacement Heifers

Saturday, March 2, 2024

This Week on SUNUP:

  • David Lalman and Rosslyn Biggs, OSU Extension beef cattle specialists, discuss the aftermath of Oklahoma’s wildfires. They offer guidance on feeding livestock that have lost forage sources, caring for wounded animals, animal wellbeing, the importance of documenting loss, and managing farm stress. If you or someone you know is experiencing extreme stress, contact Oklahoma’s Mental Health Helpline anytime by calling or texting 9-8-8.

  • Amy Hagerman, OSU Extension ag policy specialist, has a brief overview of disaster relief programs.

  • Wes Lee, OSU Extension Mesonet agricultural coordinator, discusses the recent cold temperatures. State Climatologist Gary McManus analyzes the drought monitor and rainfall accumulation.

  • Mark Johnson, OSU Extension beef cattle breeding specialist, helps producers decide whether to keep or cull replacement heifers.

  • Kim Anderson, OSU Extension grain marketing specialist, looks back at the average wheat prices over the past 15 years. He also makes projections for 2024 harvested wheat and has information for producers planning to plant summer crops.

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