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Creep Feeding, Rain & Weeds

Saturday, June 4, 2022

This week on SUNUP:


  • Mark Johnson, OSU Extension beef cattle breeding specialist, explains the benefits of creep grazing.
  • Wes Lee, OSU Extension Mesonet agricultural coordinator, discusses how much rain, wind and sunshine Oklahoma saw during the month May. State climatologist Gary McManus says the drought monitor keeps getting better and better.
  • Brett Carver, OSU wheat genetics chair, continues his discussion on wheat variety research from the 2022 Wheat Field Day at Lahoma.
  • Tom Royer, OSU Extension entomologist, says the brown wheat mite has caused a lot of damage in many Oklahoma fields this growing season.
  • Barry Whitworth, OSU Extension veterinarian, has information on cystic ovarian disease in cattle.
  • Kim Anderson, OSU Extension grain marketing specialist, has an update on harvest progress and explains why wheat prices have dropped in the past two weeks.
  • Finally, Misha Manuchehri, OSU Extension weed management specialist, discusses herbicide resistance.

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