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2021 Virtual Food & Farm Festival

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Food and Farm Festival Photo Entries Due Nov. 18th

Fall sign saying 2021 virtual food and farm festival.

The 2021 Okfuskee County Food and Farm Festival will be held virtually. A special commemorative gift will be presented to participating exhibitors. To participate, first take a photo of your item. Then email the photo– along with your name, contact number, and a description of your exhibit— to Jan Maples or Amanda Sestak. Exhibit photos must be submitted to the Extension Office staff no later than 4:30 p.m. Thursday, November 18th.   


**Please note a slide show featuring each exhibit photo, exhibitor name & related information will be posted to Facebook for viewing. 


The 2021 Okfuskee County Food and Farm Festival is open to residents of Okfuskee County, OHCE members, or students in any Okfuskee County school. 


Categories available in the Food and Farm Festival include the following:

  • Pecans in the shell: (Native Large Group Class; Native Small Group Class; and Pecan Improved Varieties)
  • Food Exhibits:
      • Pecan Food Classes include:  pies; brownies; cookies; cakes; quick breads; pecan brittle; candy; fudge; yeast breads; muffins; miscellaneous
      • Peanut Food Classes include:  brownies; cookies; cakes; quick breads; peanut brittle; candy; fudge; muffins; miscellaneous
      • Honey Food Classes include:  pies; cookies; cakes; muffins; candy; miscellaneous
      • **Food items must contain at least ½ cup nuts or nut butter, or ¼ cup honey, as applicable, and must be accompanied by a recipe. The nuts, nut butter, or honey must be in the batter or candy, not just sprinkled/drizzled on top of the finished product.
  • Honey Exhibits: bulk white comb honey class; white extracted honey class; amber bulk comb honey class; and amber extracted honey class
  • Pumpkin Exhibits: field type class; jack-o-lantern class; and giant class

There is a coloring sheet category for children 3 years old to 2nd graders. Stop by or call the Extension Office for a coloring sheet. 


For older children and youth there is a poster category for youth in the 3rd – 12th grade. Posters should promote the Food and Farm Festival. Contact the Extension Office for more information.

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