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Fact Sheet
Oklahoma Sheep and Goat Auction Directory

Demand for lamb and goat meat has continued to rise during the last 15 years due to increases in ethnic groups who eat these meats for specific holidays as well as increasing demand from food service industries.

Fact Sheet
Meat Goat Showmanship

A guide to help individuals that raise goats for show in understanding responsibility, work ethic, drive and how to win or lose graciously.

4H Youth DevelopmentGoatsLivestock
Fact Sheet

Learn how to diagnose, treat and prevent scrapies in sheep and goat production.

GoatsLivestockLivestock Health & DiseaseLivestock Health, Disease & NutritionSheep
Fact Sheet
Meat Goat Marketing and Price Seasonality

An explanation of differences in seasonal patterns across markets to help meat goat producers better understand seasonality as it applies to goat marketing.

Farm & Ranch FinancesGoatsLivestockMarket Outlooks
Fact Sheet
External Parasites of Goat

A comprehensive management plan for external parasites on goats will be variable and unique to individual goat operations.

Commercial Agriculture Insects, Pests, & DiseasesGoatsInsects, Pests, and DiseasesLivestock
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