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Whether inside or out, at home or at play, living in Oklahoma often means dealing with pests. This page compiles resources from Oklahoma State University experts about keeping your family safe and prepared against snakes.

What You Need to Know About Snakes

Snake Bites to People, Pets and Livestock

Snakebites do not typically occur because the reptile is attacking or being overly aggressive. Rather, most are the result of the timid creature being startled and going into self-defense mode.

How to ID a Venomous Snake

Most snakes are harmless to humans. They pose no real threat, lack venom and are oftentimes very docile.

Only Seven Species of Snakes Found in Oklahoma Are Venomous

The vast majority of the more than 40 species of snake found in Oklahoma are nonvenomous, but that does not mean they do not strike fear in many people.

Snake Videos

Watch experts explain the best ways to protect yourself and your pets from snakes.

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