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Food/Food Safety

Making healthy choices at holiday gatherings

Anyone trying to follow a healthy lifestyle knows it is tough enough to stay on track on a regular day or week. It only becomes harder during the gauntlet of holiday gatherings.

Loading up on lighter fare for the holidays

Sharing rich, delicious traditional and favorite dishes with family and friends is often part of what makes the holidays so special. No worries for anyone watching the waistline, though. There are plenty of tips and tricks for health-conscious folks on the hook for hosting the family meal or contributing to the feast.

Top 10 food safety tips for preparing holiday meals

The Christmas season is here, and many will be gathering around the dinner table devouring their favorite holiday meals.

Moderation is the key when it comes to Halloween treats

Most of the children across the state who plan to celebrate Halloween already have determined what super hero, Disney princess or television character they plan to dress up as for the fun-filled night. They have planned what neighborhoods in which to trick-or-treat so they can fill their candy containers to the brim with sugary, sticky and sweet treats.

Turkey or ham for the holiday meal?

For lots of Oklahomans, the question of turkey, ham, both or neither for the holiday feast is settled by tradition and long before the oven is set to preheat. But, for those less bound by family customs, there are a number of considerations that can help guide meal planning.

Including vegetarians into holiday meals

What do you do when the guest list for the traditional holiday family meal includes someone who is vegetarian?

Food safety tips for your Thanksgiving menu

Thanksgiving day is quickly approaching, and many Oklahomans will be preparing holiday meals for their families and friends. But don’t let food poisoning be on the menu this year.

Does turkey make you drowsy?

When the last bite of turkey is consumed and the plates are cleared, the next item on the Thanksgiving agenda is a nap. Because turkey makes you sleepy, right?

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