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CNEP Farm to You

Farm to You is a 40 by 40 foot walk-through exhibit consisting of nine stations. Developed by Community Nutrition Education Programs (CNEP), Farm to You is designed to provide first through sixth grade students with the skills needed to make healthy lifestyle choices. As they travel through the exhibit, students will learn about the relationships between agriculture, food and health. In its 12 years, Farm to You has reached over 160,000 Oklahoma students.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CNEP developed Virtual Farm to You, a live virtual experience students and teachers can enjoy in their classrooms.

RequirementsThere is no cost for Farm to You to attend your school virtually or in-person, but there are a few requirements:

Virtual Farm to You

  • A way to project a Zoom feed in each participating classroom (i.e. projector on a whiteboard)
  • Internet connection to support Zoom meetings
  • A teacher in each classroom to help us communicate with students
    • Virtual Farm to You includes interactive questions and activities at each station to keep the students engaged. Teachers will be asked to type their class’s answers in the chat box as a form of communication between script presenters and the students.
  • A quick technology test prior to the school’s virtual exhibit
  • Coordination with a County Extension Educator who will serve as a point of contact throughout the process and travel to the exhibit location to present the station scripts on the day of the virtual exhibit.

There is currently no minimum or maximum number of participants for Virtual Farm to You.

Traditional Farm to You

  • A clean, indoor space of 40 by 40 foot with an 11 foot ceiling height
  • A minimum of 250 students to participate on exhibit day
  • While Farm to You is generally set up at one school, the exhibit can be set up in a convenient location where several schools can participate.
  • Volunteers to be recruited by school
    • Minimum of 8 volunteers for set up day
    • Minimum of 12 volunteers for exhibit day and tear down
    • Past volunteers include parents, grandparents, high school students, 4-H Jr. Leaders, 4-H volunteers, FFA members, community members, college students, nursing students, PTA volunteers and Oklahoma Home and Community Education volunteers.

Educational BenefitsBoth our traditional and virtual Farm to You are an interactive, walk-through adventure that meets numerous educational requirements.

Farm to You Learning Objectives:

  • Children will be able to identify common foods produced in Oklahoma.
  • Children will learn about the five MyPlate food groups and how to build a healthy plate.
  • Children will be able to identify foods they should eat regularly to promote good health and foods they should only eat sometimes or once in a while.
    • Children will be able to identify foods they should eat to promote a healthy mouth.
    • Children will be able to identify high fiber foods.
    • Children will be able to identify foods for strong muscles and bones.
    • Children will be able to identify foods that aid in brain function.
  • Children will learn about proper dental hygiene practices.
  • Children will learn about the benefits of physical activity.


As a part of their exhibit experience, third and fourth grade students will complete a passport of questions related to each station. The role of the passport is to determine the effectiveness of the exhibit on meeting the learning objectives.


In addition to Farm to You being well received by schools and programs statewide, it has been recognized nationally, endorsing OSU Extension as a premier agency for providing agricultural and nutritional programming. More importantly, as part of a comprehensive nutrition/health intervention, it was found to enhance behavior change among fourth and fifth grade students beyond that achieved in a control group, thus increasing program effectiveness.


Farm to You has been named the 2010 Children's Health Champion and recipient of the Dr. Rodney Huey Memorial Champion of Oklahoma Health award, the highest honor of the Champions of Health awards. The project also received national attention by being featured in Weighing the Options: How Can We Encourage Healthy Weights among America’s Youth?, a publication of the National Issues Forum Network, West Virginia Center for Civic Life.


For more information, contact your local county office or email us at

A man sitting in a chair presenting to a group of children.

Oklahoma Farmland

A woman showing a picture of a dair cow to students.

A Farmer's Life

A person showing food to students.

The Farmer's Market

A person reading a book to students.

The Mouth


The Stomach

A woman pointing at a picture of intestines for a group of students.

The Intestines

A group of kids bending their knees and stretching out their arms.

The Muscles

A female instructor kneeing on the floor with kids building a body out if stencils.

The Bones

A female instructor sitting in a chair holding a flip out picture book in front of kids.

The Brain

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