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The Oklahoma Farm and Ranch Account Book is designed to be a comprehensive, easy to use, hand kept record-keeping system. To allow you to build a customized book that matches your needs, links to individual pages may be accessed by clicking on the Table of Contents tab at left. Pages are designed for legal sized paper (8 1/2" x 14"). If you prefer, you can download the complete account book by sections.




Revisions by:

  • Damona Doye
  • Mike Hardin

Revised from an earlier version developed by:

  • Parman R. Green, CPA, Former Area Extension Ag Economics Specialist
  • Damona G. Doye, Regents Professor and Rainbolt Chair in Agricultural Finance
  • Joseph E. Williams, Professor Emeritus & Director of Initiative for the Future of Rural Oklahoma
  • Mike L. Hardin, Professor Emeritus & Extension Economist
  • Vernon L. Scogin, Former Extension Educator – Ag, Rogers County


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