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Flooding Preparedness

Wildlife affected by flooding in Oklahoma

Flooding across Oklahoma has been devastating for state residents. Flood waters have taken their toll on homes and businesses, but the wildlife population also has been affected.

Cattle producers should examine animals for signs of foot rot

The excessive amounts of rainfall that have inundated parts of Oklahoma over the past few weeks is a warning sign for cattle producers to keep an eye out for lameness in their animals.

Cattle producers should watch for signs of blackleg and anthrax after floodwaters recede

Livestock producers who recently experienced flooding events need to be on the lookout for signs of blackleg and anthrax in their cattle.

Protecting your property with flood insurance

Oklahomans have health insurance, dental insurance and car insurance. But, what about flood insurance?

Safe water is a priority after a natural disaster

Gaining access to clean, safe water is one of the first priorities after a natural disaster.

Wet clothes are more than uncomfortable

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, saving your clothing and linens is obviously a top priority.

Assessing structural damage after a natural disaster

One of the first major milestones on the road to recovering after a natural disaster is assessing the structural damage to your property.

Preventing, cleaning mold and mildew after natural disasters

Cleaning up after a natural disaster can be a big job, and one of the first priorities is taking steps to prevent mold and mildew in your home.

Cleaning carpets, rugs and floors after natural disaster

One of the most challenging parts of cleaning up a home or other property after a natural disaster such as a tornado or flood is drying the flooring, especially if the storm water was contaminated by mud.

Cleaning furniture damaged in natural disaster

Salvaging personal possessions such as furniture is one of the main tasks on the to-do list immediately after a tornado, flood or other natural disaster.

Cleaning up the kitchen after a natural disaster

Depending on their source, storm and flood waters could contain a wide range of germs, debris, chemicals and contaminants such as human and animal waste, trash, and hazards such as oil and gasoline.

Flood-Damaged Vehicles Can Ruin a Sale

After flood waters sweep through a community, a second wave of damaged property is likely to follow as people try to financially salvage as much as they can.

How to salvage waterlogged documents and books

Much of Oklahoma has experienced record-breaking rainfall, leaving much of the state under water. Many homes and businesses have been flooded or torn apart by tornados, leaving a wake of destruction and homeowners and business owners scrambling to recover important paper documents.

Ensure food and beverages are safe to consume after a flood

Oklahomans know all too well the effects floodwaters can have on both individuals and communities. Floods can cause loss of human life, damage to property, destruction of crops, loss of livestock and more.

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