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Smokybrown cockroaches. Scientific Name

Periplaneta fuliginosa



Smokybrown cockroaches are prevalent in leaf litter, in and around shrubs, flowers and trees, tree holes, wood piles, garages, crawl spaces, attics, and greenhouses. It has also been found on roofs and in rain gutters feeding on bird droppings and plant materials. Smokybrown cockroaches can also survive in sewers. 


Life Cycle

The smokybrown cockroach life cycle requires about 320 days from egg to adult. The eggs are laid in an ootheca that is 1/2 inch long and is dark brown in color. Incubation averages 45 days. An average of 20 nymphs hatch from each ootheca. Adults live 2-6 months and are strong fliers attracted to lights at night. 



Up to 1.5 inches and uniformly shiny, dark-brown or mahogany in color. 



Please contact your local county extension office for current information. 

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