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Mud dauber. Scientific Name

Sceliphron sp.



Mud daubers construct nests of mud, especially on porches, decks, sheds, eaves, attics, ceilings, walls and under roof overhangs around homes and other structures. 


Life Cycle

Solitary female builds nests out of moist mud containing several parallel cell rows. A paralyzed spider is stuffed into each cell and one egg deposited on each spider. The female then closes the cell opening with mud. Hatching larvae slowly consume the spiders after which they pupate inside the cell. 



25-30 mm in length; long cylindrical one segmented "waist", (pedicel) between thorax and abdomen; body black with large yellow area on prothorax; yellow pattern on thorax, pedicel, 1st segment of abdomen; legs mostly yellow; wings brown -black. 



Please contact your local county extension office for current information. 

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