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Greenbugs on a leaf. Scientific Name

Schizaphis graminum



The greenbug is probably the single most important insect pest of winter wheat in Oklahoma. Greenbugs are also carriers of the virus that causes barley yellow dwarf disease. 



Greenbugs. Wheat leaves react to a substance in greenbug saliva, causing young leaves to turn yellow and older leaves to develop orange-red spots. Greenbugs often occur in concentrated patches within a field, damaging small circular patches that radiate from dead spots. When abundant, greenbugs can stunt plants and eventually kill them. If seedlings are infested in the fall, they seem to be more susceptible to winter kill. 



Lime-green colored with a darker green stripe on its back. Greenbugs measure about 1/16 inch long at maturity. 



Please contact your local county extension office for current information. 

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