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Male and female brown dog ticks.Scientific Name

Rhipicephalus sanguineus



The brown dog tick infests homes and other buildings harboring dogs. These ticks have a strong tendency to crawl upward and may be found behind moldings at the top of walls or hidden in cracks and crevices in the ceiling. They may also be found behind curtains, in furniture, and under rugs.


Life Cycle

All stages develop readily on dogs, no intermediate hosts are required. Under favorable conditions the entire life cycle can be completed in less than two months. Eggs are deposited in cracks and crevices of the kennels or other quarters frequented by the dog. The eggs generally hatch in 20 to 30 days or longer, depending upon temperature. The adult ticks are most often found in the ears and between the toes of dogs, and the larvae and nymphs in the long hair at the back of the neck.



The mature, blood-engorged female is gray and will swell to the size of a small raisin.



Please contact your local county extension office for current information.

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