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American cockroach.Scientific Name

Periplaneta americana



This cockroach is a common inhabitant of sewage systems and basements. The American cockroach is found most commonly in restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, and where food is prepared or stored. During the summer months, alley ways and yards may be badly infested.


Life Cycle

Egg capsules are often glued to surfaces and are often covered with paint or other building material. The incubation period is 38-49 days, and American cockroach.the number of egg cases produced by the female is from 6 to 14, with an average of 9.5. A female may produce 30-90 egg capsules at intervals of approximately 4-7 days. The egg capsule may contain up to 16 eggs. The whitish, newly-emerged nymphs begin to run around actively in about 10 minutes. The first few molts of the nymph occur at approximately monthly intervals, but thereafter may vary from 1 to 6 months. The American cockroach molts 13 times before reaching maturity.



About one and one-half inches long with red-to-brown wings and lighter marking along the thorax.



Please contact your local county extension office for current information.

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