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All About Bees

June 11, 2024
Join Payne County Master Gardeners at The Botanic Gardens as they cover hive management and all things honeybees.

Upcoming Events

Cattlemen's Conference

May 22-23 — Industry leaders will present the latest information, practices and solutions to issues facing the cattle industry today.

Homesteading Class

May 27 — This series will cover popular topics based around homesteading. Extension educators will provide research based information.

Pecan Growers Annual Meeting

May 30 — Vendors will be in attendance and stay for the state pecan show, as well as speakers and programs.

Women in Ag Field Day

May 31 — This field day aims to educate and improve skills for women in various agricultural positions. Register by May 15.

Past Events

Farm to You

May 1 — Farm to You is designed to provide first through sixth grade students with the skills needed to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Eastside Fresh Market

May 7 — Tuesday evenings from May 7 through October 15 from 4pm - 7pm, find an array of fresh produce, homemade foods, and local hand-crafted items.

Cattle: Learning Lab Lessons 

May 9 — Provided by Haskell County Extension, this session will cover cattle.

Pond Management Program

May 10 — Join us for this free, 2-hour program to learn about the importance of pond management and water quality for livestock. RSVP by May 6.

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