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The Oklahoma Caregiving Education Program (OkCEP) from OSU Extension is designed to provide caregivers with information on a wide range of caregiving topics. 


This program is free and available to anyone who currently is providing care or simply interested in learning more about caregiving. Most caregivers say they need more information or training in order to provide better care for their loved one. OkCEP also can help you located resources in your area.


How does OkCEP work?

You can access the OkCEP in two ways:

  • For face-to-face assistance, you can contact your local OSU Extension Educator and ask them about the Caregiver Education Program.
  • You can also access the program online. Fill out a quick registration form, and you’ll gain complete access to the entire program!

If you have a specific question or need help finding resources, please feel free to view the Oklahoma Caregiving Education Program webpage, you can also access OSU Extension Fact Sheets related to Caregiving.

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