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Fact Sheet
Habitat Evaluation Guide for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken

This circular discusses the Lesser Prairie-chicken, and ways to develop and protect the habitat.

BirdsHabitat ManagementLesser Prairie ChickenWildlife
Fact Sheet
Distinguishing Between Greater and Lesser Prairie-Chicken

The similarities and differences between greater and lesser prairie chickens.

BirdsGreater Prairie ChickenLesser Prairie ChickenWildlife
Fact Sheet
Bobwhite Quail Habitat Evaluation and Management Guide

This circular is a detailed guide for evaluating and managing land for bobwhite quail.

BirdsBobwhite QuailHabitat ManagementRangeland ManagementWildlife
Fact Sheet
Edge and Other Wildlife Concepts

The fundamentals and importance of the edge effect on wildlife.

Habitat ManagementWildlife
Fact Sheet
Dove Field Management

Field management practices for mourning dove in Oklahoma.

BirdsHabitat ManagementHuntingWildlife
Fact Sheet
Gray and Fox Squirrels

Compare and contrast the difference of food, water, home range and management options for gray and fox squirrels in Oklahoma.

Rodents & Small MammalsWildlife
Fact Sheet
Using Camera Surveys to Estimate White-tailed Deer Populations

Discussion of the methods to conduct infrared trigged camera surveys on white-tailed deer populations and how to make informed management decisions.

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