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Fact Sheet
Should I Buy (or Retain) Stockers to Graze Wheat Pasture?

By Roger Sahs, Jeff Edwards and Eric DeVuyst. This fact sheet discusses factors that should be considered in deciding whether to buy or retain cattle to graze wheat pasture. Revised September 2019.

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Fact Sheet
Utilizing Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) for Feeder Cattle

This sheet explains the Livestock Risk Protection program for feeder cattle to help aid in the decision of whether or not to invest in the program.

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Fact Sheet
2018-2019 Small Grains Variety Performance Tests

Analyze a wheat crop overview in 2018-2019 by looking at factors like harvested acres, yield and total bushels.

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Fact Sheet
Minimizing Impacts to Wildlife from Livestock Infrastructure

The goal of this fact sheet is to provide best management practices to create inexpensive, effective and wildlife-friendly livestock infrastructure.

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Fact Sheet
Fall forage production and first hollow stem date in small grain varieties during the 2018-2019 crop year

Fall forage production potential is one of the major considerations in deciding which variety to plant. Dual-purpose wheat producers, for example, may find vari...

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Fact Sheet
Reproductive Management of the Mare

This fact sheet provides information on managing mares for reproduction.

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Fact Sheet
Livestock Branding in Oklahoma

The beef cattle industry is a dynamic business that must continually adjust to market signals, public opinion, state and national policies, and other industry i...

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