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Our Program

Solid waste are unwanted waste materials generated from homes, industries, agricultural operations, and commercial and community activities. Almost all human activities leaves behind some kind of waste. This waste if not properly managed will negatively affect air and water quality thus leaving behind huge health hazards to solve, which can be costly. Therefore, it is important to properly manage waste rather than trying to solve its negative impact to both humans and the environment. The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service aim is to provide relevant technical support, educational materials, and trainings programs related to solid waste management for the people of Oklahoma.
This material is based upon work supported under a grant by the utilities programs, United State Department of Agriculture.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) is to disseminate information to the people of Oklahoma and encourage the adoption of research-generated knowledge relating to agriculture, family and consumer services, 4-H youth development, and rural economic development. The educational specialist of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service will provide waste management assistance by providing:
  • Technical assistance
  • Educational materials and programs
  • Waste management analysis
  • Assistance to local and county solid waste decision makers to implement waste management plans

What We Can Do

In-service "Train the Trainer" events for Extension Educators

Topics covered under this package include; reduce, reuse, recycled, composting, littering and illegal dumping. In addition, we provide assistance to rural communities with population less than 2,500.

Oklahoma Environmental Law Enforcement Training Seminars

Topics include gaining expertise in solid and hazardous waste, open burning, illegal dumping, environmental crimes and identifying resources for improving local enforcement. The seminars are co-sponsored with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

Solid Waste Management Resource Trunks

The trunk includes curriculum and activities organized by topics and grade levels for use by K-12 educators. It contains Close the Loop , an interactive display that features products made from recyclable materials. They are available for 3-weeks loans by educators for formal and informal settings.

Note - the Solid Waste Management Resource Trunk program are funded by a grant provided to Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service by the U.S Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, and is co-sponsored by the Oklahoma Recycling Association.


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