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About OQBN

The Oklahoma Quality Beef Network (OQBN) is a joint project of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service and the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association (OCA). OQBN is a network of beef producers, educators, veterinarians, and industry professionals committed to increasing producers' access to value added marketing opportunities and improving the quality of cattle produced in Oklahoma by increasing communication between all segments of the beef industry.

OQBN Vac-45 Program

The OQBN VAC45 program is available to all producers who meet the requirements with their ranch raised weaned calves. The VAC45 program provides value-added marketing opportunities and health management certification to cow/calf producers in Oklahoma and neighboring states.

Contact Info

Earl Ward

Northeast District Area Specialist 880-3188

Dana Zook

West District Area Specialist 237-7677

OQBN Resources

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Use the downloadable spreadsheets to operate an organized and productive cattle operation.

OSU Cowculator RANCHCALC Beef Extension Program Calculators
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Extension Fact Sheets & Topics

OSU Extension offers a wide-variety of factsheets and programs to serve as resources for cattle producers.

AFS-3529: Effects of Preconditioning on Health, Performance & Prices of Weaned Calves Ag Law, Taxes & Insurance Beef Cattle Farm & Ranch Finances
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Web Links

Additional web resources to assist cattle producers in running a productive and profitable operation.

Mesonet Cattle Comfort Conditions Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association OQBN Facebook

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