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Grafting Pecans



Fertilizing Pecans



Pecan Pests, Diseases and IPM



2021 Oklahoma Pecan Update Webinars on YouTube


  • August 6 - Topics include: Crop Load Management, Irrigation Scheduling, and Nut Development and Updates
  • July 9 - Topics include: Pecan Development, Weevil and Late Season Insect Pests and Leaf Sampling for Fertilizer Recommendation and Updates
  • June 4 - Topics include: Pruning Young Pecan Trees, How to Use the Mesonet Scab Advisory and announcement and updates from around the state.
  • May 6 - Topics include: Updates on April freeze from CVRS and State, Pecan nut casebearer and Four-Flap Grafting
  • April 9 - Topics include: Grafting techniques; Applying herbicides; Disease management needs; and News from the industry
  • March 12 - Topics include: Phylloxera control; Fertilizer application methods; and Sprayer Calibration
  • February 12 - Topics include: Planting bareroot trees; Scouting and treatment for scale insects; Explanation of new USDA Pecan Research and Promotion Program; and Update on ice storm damage cleanup



2020 Zoom Meeting Recordings



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