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OSU Extension offers a variety of meat goat educational programs and materials to producers in Oklahoma and throughout the United States.

Oklahoma Meat Goat Boot Camp

The Oklahoma Meat Goat Boot Camp is a three-day camp that uses a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on exercises to explore production practices involved in meat goat operations.
Production practices include: ear-tagging, castrating, tattooing, hoof trimming, electric fence building, forage testing, forage production, farm business planning, nutrition, ration balancing, FAMACHA diagnostic testing, determining fecal egg counts, herd health practices, kidding, neonatal care, reproduction and pregnancy determination using ultra sound.
Small class sizes allow for a high level of interaction between teachers and participants. Program participants are allowed to take extra time if needed for the practical exercises.
The registration fee is $200 per person. Participants are responsible for their own rooming arrangements. Lunch and dinner will be provided at the camp.
Boot Camp Dates:  October 21-23, 2024
To be put on a waiting list in case of cancellations please call JJ Jones or Diane Huff. (580) 332-7011

Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Manual

The Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Manual is a useful resource for new producers as well as those who already have years of industry experience. The manual consists of 15 chapters that cover topics such as breeds of meat goats, fencing, housing, corrals, meat goat selection, bucks and breeding, kidding, nutrition, forages, herd health, marketing, predator control, general herd management and record-keeping.
To get a copy of the manual:
  1. Oklahoma residents can visit their county's Extension office.
  2. A manual order form can be downloaded online. Completed forms should be mailed to the address on the form.
  3. All the chapters are available online in PDF format.

Meat Goat Production Resources

OSU Meat Goat Ration Balancing Calculator

OSU’s Area Livestock Specialist Earl Ward has created a spreadsheet that producers can use to help balance the rations they feed their goats. Producers can enter the values from hay tests and determine the correct amount of protein or energy supplements needed to grow or maintain any type of goat at any stage of production. For questions about this spreadsheet contact Earl Ward.

Kid Record-Keeping Software

OSU has developed an Excel spreadsheet that can help goat producers keep up with goat kidding, weaning and adjusted weaning weight records. For questions about this spreadsheet contact Brian Freking.

Meat-Goat Producers May Want to Take Advantage of Retained Ownership Opportunities

OSU Experts discuss how meat goat owners and managers can take advantage of strong returns in the future market.

OSU Meat Goat Youtube Channel

The OSU Meat Goat Youtube channel is a series of educational videos designed to help goat producers answer many of the questions they face with their goat operation. All of information presented in the videos are based on research done at the university and farm levels. All of the information in the videos is part of the educational program OSU Meat Goat Camp or the Oklahoma Basic Meat Goat Manual.

Veterinary Viewpoints: Is My Sheep or Goat Sick?

OSU College of Veterinary Medicine professionals discuss how to tell if an animal is sick and what to do if that animal is showing signs of sickness.

Veterinary Viewpoints: The Basics of Goat Care

OSU veterinary professionals highlight the basic needs of goats such as shelter, feeding, fencing and working facilities.

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