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Our Purpose

Annie’s Project is a program for farm women with a passion for business and involvement. Participants say that they find answers, strength, and friendship. They also grow in confidence, business skills, and community prestige. Networking and interactive learning provide the foundation.
Our mission is to empower farm women to be better business partners.

History of Annie's Project

Annie's Project is based on the life of a farm woman in Illinois. Annie grew up in a small town and had a goal to marry a farmer. She spent a lifetime learning how to be an involved business partner. She faced the challenges of three generations living under one roof, low profitability, changing farm enterprises, and raising a family. Her daughter, Ruth Hambleton founded Annie's Project out of needs she observed in farm women she knew.
The first Annie's class included women whose farming experience ranged from thinking about marrying a farmer to many years as a business partner. Each participant had valuable information and knowledge to share. Annie's Project is now being offered in many states.


Impacts from Annie's Project

  • Increasing use of production records
  • Creating and using marketing plans
  • Calculating breakeven prices for crops and livestock
  • Preparing financial statements regularly
  • Reviewing farm insurance policies
  • Writing and reviewing farm business goals
  • Adopting and using new farm record software
  • Estimating and reviewing retirement costs and needs


  • "I'm more confident in my farm management decisions."
  • "I now understand how many factors must be considered when making financial management decisions."

WorkshopsIf you are interested in an Annie's Project workshop series, please contact your local Extension Agent. The course is offered in six, 3-hour sessions with participation limited to 10-25 people. A sample program itinerary shows the topics covered.

Session One:

  • Welcome and Intro to Annie's
  • Women and Money: Family Financial Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Family and Business Communication

Session Two:

  • Developing a business plan and goal setting
  • Legal Issues
  • Insurance Basics: Property, Life, Health

Session Three:

  • Financial Statements
  • Estate and Retirement Planning

Session Four:

  • Crop or Livestock Marketing
  • Crop and Livestock Insurance
  • Helpful Agencies & Organizations: FSA, NRCS, RCD, producer groups, etc.

Session Five:

  • Computer Tools: "Hands On" Session (may require internet access)
  • Farm Records
  • Enterprise Budgets
  • Other Ag Spreadsheets, Websites and/or Apps

Session Six - Student Choice:

  • Topics to be selected by participants
  • Graduation of participants who have completed all segments


Session Materials

Program Contributors

Damona Doye

OCES Associate Vice President

J.C. Hobbs

Associate Extension Specialist

JJ Jones

Southeast Area Ag Econ Specialist


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