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Training Program Courses

You were elected. Now what? OSU Extension’s County Government Training Program helps county government officers and their staffs learn how to perform mandated duties more effectively, efficiently and with greater knowledge and awareness. County personnel are partners in this effort. They serve on advisory boards, help create educational materials and sometimes participate directly in instruction.

Certification Programs

Certification programs range from three-level programs for County Commissioners, County Clerks and County Treasurers to a single level of certification for Court Clerks, County Sheriffs and County Assessors. Course dates can be found on the CTP Training Schedule page.


Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to active collaboration between the County Government Training Program and individual county officers, state agencies and OSU Extension specialists, answers to frequently asked questions are readily available.


OSU Extension’s County Government Training Program benefits from the oversight and direction provided by the Commission on County Government Personnel Education and Training, as mandated in the Oklahoma State Statutes.


Helpful Resources

Short-courses, handbooks and videos, fact sheets, publications and other resources are available through the program, many online. Electronic handbooks are available in pdf format and may be opened, downloaded and saved to the user’s personal computer or other device. Also available is the Purchasing Handbook for Oklahoma Counties.


Reports that provide an overview of the current status of key economic sectors in rural Oklahoma and a better understanding of the resulting impacts of the COVID-19.


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