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The goals of the Community Development program are to support economic development and to provide quality community services at affordable costs. Cooperative Extension offers educational and technical assistance to aid Community leaders in promoting economic development and providing quality community services.

The programs include community and economic development, community services and infrastructure, and local government education. We invite you to explore each of the categories to the left in order to learn more about our programs.

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Successful Economics

Community and economic development is a broad program area that seeks to empower Oklahoma’s communities to achieve their local visions through education and technical assistance. With a focus on sustainable economic development, this Extension program facilitates strategic planning for economic development and provides various types of data and analysis to support local economic development efforts.


The links listed under this category provides more specific information and recent reports for each of the services available. In addition, the Community and Economic Development staff is available to assist with customized data requests.



Local Government Education


Community Services and Infrastructure


Resource Blog

Keep up with new resources for Community and Economic Development with the Oklahoma Extension Development Resources blog. Posts will include advertisements about new grant opportunities; conferences, webinars, and other training opportunities for local leaders and ED professionals; and news items of interest to Oklahoma communities/leaders.

In addition to being a clearinghouse for resources, the blog will host entries discussing economic trends, community and economic development strategies, and featuring case studies to help Oklahoma communities achieve their dreams and overcome their challenges.


Check out the blog! Be sure to follow us, by clicking on the “Join this site” button on the right, to get notices when the blog is updated and new resources are posted.


Other Resources


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