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Welcome to Strategic Planning

Local residents and community leaders are concerned with identifying options for diversifying their economy and establishing a long-term vision for their community. The Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service (OCES) provides technical assistance in strategic planning for economic development.


The assistance is offered in two phases:

  1. assistance in visioning, strategic planning, and analysis;
  2. assistance in implementing strategies in specific areas such as retail trade development, tourism development, business attraction, and other. OCES offers assistance with meeting facilitation and technical reports that are utilized by community leaders as they build a strategy and implement specific goals. When appropriate, other state or federal agencies or resource providers are included as collaborators.


Planning for economic development generally involves the local request of an initiating committee and the formation of a steering team. Stakeholders with wide community involvement are required to proceed with a planning model for the community. A cascading effect then begins with the identification of the values and goals of the community. The classification of the community’s objectives is essential in order for the strategies or action steps to be put into place for a specific community.


The OCES economic development team provides the following additional assistance to help a community implement its strategic plan and achieve its vision:

  • Asset mapping
  • Community Assessment
  • Data Analysis
  • Community Surveys
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