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Community & Leadership Driven Programs

The mission of the Department of Agricultural Education, Communications and Leadership Extension Programs is to cultivate stronger community relationships, ignite leadership potential, and drive development in the field of digital marketing. We are also committed to fostering community development and bolstering support in underserved communities. Our goal is to connect people through our distinct initiatives and expertise.
Explore our website to access valuable resources, educational materials, and opportunities designed to enhance your leadership skills, drive development in digital marketing, or contribute to the growth of underserved areas.


Courtney Brown

State Extension Specialist
(405) 744-8024

Dr. Courtney Brown, an Agricultural Leadership Extension Specialist, dedicates herself to integrating leadership and community development. Continue to learn more about Courtney on the bio page.

Lauren Cline

State Extension Specialist

(405) 744-8138

Dr. Lauren Lewis Cline, an Agricultural Leadership Extension Specialist, is passionate about building the adaptive leadership capacity of leaders in agricultural and rural spaces across Oklahoma. Continue to learn more about Lauren on the bio page.

Audrey King

State Extension Specialist
(405) 744-9814

Dr. Audrey King, the Digital Media Extension Specialist, passionately empowers rural communities and small businesses by unlocking the potential of digital communications. Continue to learn more about Audrey on the bio page.

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