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Areas of Expertise

Child Education

About Me

Children and education have always been a passion of mine. I studied Psychology at Houston Baptist University so that I could better understand what goes on in the human mind. We don’t always see kids as people, and to watch them begin to grasp what they can control is the best part of my job. I work in many programs to help educate children and families on the importance of nutrition and exercise.


Volunteering in the Show Me Nutrition Program, allows me to educate kindergarten through fifth grade aged students about nutrition and physical activity. I educate kids ages 9-12 in a two day cooking school to teach them about the basics of food preparation and nutrition through the Kids in the Kitchen Program. Through the Fresh Start Nutrition Program, I help teach people in the Pittsburg County community skill such as planning more nutritious meals, managing grocery money more efficiently, and more.


I have a Double Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Christian History from Houston Baptist University and received a teaching certificate in Family and Consumer Science.



  • Show Me Nutrition
  • Kids in the Kitchen
  • Fresh Start Nutrition
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