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You'll have hundreds of project areas to choose from - like shooting sports, physical fitness, robotics, cooking, photography, rocketry, public speaking, citizenship, livestock showing, horse, performance arts, fabrics and fashions and hundreds of others. You will also get to meet many new friends. 4-H helps youth learn leadership skills with projects that are of interest to them. There's a club meeting close to you. Call us today and get involved in 4-H!



  • What is 4-H?

    4-H is the largest youth organization in the nation, open to youth 3rd - 12th grades and administered by OSU Extension. Through 4-H, youth learn valuable life skills that enable them to grow into productive citizens. Through hands-on learning opportunities in many different areas of interest, youth develop critical thinking skills, gain self-confidence, set and achieve goals, and learn responsibility.

  • 4-H Mission

    The mission of the 4-H Youth Development Program is to provide Oklahoma youth, families, and communities with educational programs which will create environments for diverse audiences of youth and adults to reach their fullest potential by developing and enhancing skills for living.

  • 4-H Pledge

    I pledge...

    my head to clearer thinking,

    my heart to greater loyalty,

    my hands to larger service, and

    my health to better living for

    my club, my community,

    my country, and my world.

  • 4-H Motto

    "To Make the Best Better"

  • 4-H Clubs

    We have many clubs in Oklahoma County and you will find that we have a club that will meet the needs of your family. 4-H offers many opportunities for youth and families to learn new things, make new friends, participate in leadership roles, and community service. Our programs encourage family involvement through club participation, taking the leadership for a club educational program, or providing snacks. The cost of enrollment is $20 per child, not to exceed $60 per family. Some clubs will also ask for a participation fee to cover annual program expenses.


    Community Clubs

    Boys Ranch Town
    Jennifer Kloeppel
    *[Closed to public]

    Choctaw 4-H Club
    Angie Horton 
    2nd Tuesday of the month: 5:30 pm
    Choctaw Ag Building (150 S Triple X Rd)

    Harrah 4-H Club 
    Troy and Megan Marshall
    1st Monday of the Month: 6:00 pm
    Heritage Park 

    Jones 4-H Club 
    Shelly Ramsey
    Facebook: @Jones4HClub
    2nd Tuesday of the month: 6:00 pm
    Jones Ag. Room (304 Dr. Lee Simmons, Jones)

    Luther 4-H Club
    Brandy Langston
    Tuesday or Thursday 3:30pm- 5:00 pm
    Luther First Christian Church (1st and Dogwood)

    Memorial Wonders
    **Meetings temporarily on hold.**

    Edmond Metro North 4-H Club 
    Karon Potter
    1st Monday of the month: 6:30 pm
    OSU Extension Conference Center (2500 NE 63rd St, OKC)

    Freedom City 4-H
    Taeren Jefferson
    *[Closed to Public]

    Tinker AFB 4-H Club 
    Melissa Benson
    *[Closed to the Public]
    Project Clubs

    Deer Creek 4-H Horse Club
    Jackie Coates 
    Ashley McKenzie
    2nd Tuesday of Month: 6:30 pm 
    Silver Wind Stables (24413 N. May, Edmond)    
    Edmond Livestock Club 
    Scott McCall
    Last Tuesday of the month 6:30 pm
    New Covenant Church (2700 S Blvd, Edmond)

    Edmond Light Horse 4-H Club 
    Marty & Dakota Brown
    Last Tuesday of the month 6:30 pm
    New Covenant Church (2700 S Blvd, Edmond)

    Oklahoma County 4-H Robotics Club
    Brian Feller
    Larry McWilliams

    Shooting Sports 4-H Club 
    Stephanie McGee
    Sunday Afternoons Aug.-May
    OKC Gun Club, Arcadia

    Stoneridge Acres 4-H Club
    Kathy Mckenzie
    1st Monday of the month: 6:00 pm
    Stoneridge Acres (4700 West Waterloo Rd., Edmond)

    Team OKC Robotics 4-H Club 
    Travis Smith
    Dates & times vary
    Science Museum Oklahoma (2020 Remington Pl., OKC)
  • Project Areas

    4-H offers a variety of projects to spark the interests of all children. Most 4-H'ers are involved with multiple projects at a time. Here are a few popular project areas in Oklahoma:



  • 2022-2023 Calendar
  • Spring Break Camps
    We have two days and three camps available for kids to learn this spring break! These camps are open to the public. 
    March 14th, our Metro North 4-H Club will be hosting a Healthy Living Day Camp. Kids will learn food preparation and safety skills while preparing lunch and snacks; Use My Plate to plan meals and snacks; Incorporate 60 min of daily physical activity in fun ways; Care for their mind by learning about mental health and mindfulness; Care for their eyes when using digital devices. This day camp will be geared toward children ages 6-11, lunch will be provided, the cost is $5 per child, and they will be with us from 9am to 3pm.
    On March 16th, our Team OKC Robotics 4-H Club will be hosting TWO workshop sessions. The early session, 9am to noon, will focus on programming. Kids will learn how to program and operate the Lego Spike Prime robot. The later session, 1pm to 4pm, will focus on operating and competing with a Lego Battlebot in the Sumobot area. This day camp will be geared toward children ages 9-12, the cost is $30 for one session or $50 for both sessions. Children attending both S.T.E.M. sessions will need to bring a sack lunch.
    All camps will be located at 2500 NE 63rd St., Oklahoma City, OK, 73111. Payment and registration must be complete by March 7th at 4:00 pm. You may pay with cash or check in person or call 405-713-1125 to pay with a card over the phone. Ask for Caitlyn.
  • Southeast District Public Speaking Contest
    The SE District 4-H Public Speaking Contest is conducted for the purpose of promoting a greater interest in public speaking and to allow all 4-H members the opportunity to develop and polish their public speaking skills. Members must have an "active" status on Zsuite to participate.
    Participants may enter two (2) presentations, this includes extemporaneous. If the participant is entering two presentations, they must be completely different topics. Example: A participant could enter a regular speech about dogs in the small animal category and enter an illustrated presentation in the foods category.
    The entry fee is $5.00 per individual. There will NOT BE an additional cost for more than one entry. This is due to the county office no later than February 16th at 4:00 pm. No refunds will be given.
  • Oklahoma County Livestock and Horse Shows
  • Horse Resources
  • Record Books
  • Adult Volunteering
    To maintain your status as an "active" certified volunteer in the Oklahoma 4-H program a volunteer is required to:
    • Annually complete an online Enrollment, Behavior Guidelines, and Agreement form on
    • Participate in Working With Minors, Title VII & Title IX trainings held online or in-person.
    • Participate in four continuing education/Parent Volunteer trainings each year.
      • Two of these trainings must be at the county level held at the Oklahoma County Extension Office or Our Online training units.
      • The other two training may come from multiple locations and subject matters.
      • The volunteer is responsible for providing documentation of outside the county trainings to the Extension Office.
  • Starting a New Club

    The qualifications include:


    1. At least five youth members from two or more families.
    2. Certified volunteer(s) who care about working with members, teen leaders and parents.
    3. Maintain a necessary/appropriate adult to youth ratio. (1:8 in most cases)
    4. A structure that gives members the shared responsibility for making decisions and operating the club.
    5. An organized, fun and educational program planned by members, volunteers and parents.
    6. Six or more club meetings during the year.
    7. Participation in learning experiences outside of the local group.
    8. Involvement in the community through service-learning.
    9. Personal evaluation and recognition of progress on individual and group/club goals.
    10. Effective blend of all five components of the 4-H Recognition Model.


    The process for creating a new club begins by submitting a Club Charter Application to your county OSU Extension office. A group requesting a charter must the agree upon the following:


    • The use of the 4-H name and emblem is granted on the basis that membership in the 4-H group named above of the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service is open to all eligible persons regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, or disability and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
    • The 4‑H club/group is the local learning group in which 4‑H members are involved. Club activities are critical to 4‑H as they advocate both leadership and cooperation among club members. 
    • View more information about starting a new club.
  • 4-H Newsletter

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